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Images rescaling randomly on mobile using Slideshow

Has anyone faced issues with images rescaling at random on mobile? What I mean is sometimes an image rescales and sometimes it doesn’t. It seems to be isolated to the slideshow plugin.

The images are small jpegs. My launched app will featured user submitted images so they need to be jpegs or pngs. Not svg.

I don’t see any pattern to his behaviour. I’ve tried using Imgix but same issue.

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I resolved this - ‘stretch’ with Imgix (crop to fit) seems to do the trick.

I suspect Imgix (crop) and rescale weren’t happy together.


Sorry i don’t know answer to your question,But,I’m here to ask you one instead.
How did you deploy your app on your mobile?
Your suggestion will be very helpful.Last time,I posted publicly
got no response,So,please help me.

Thanks in advance.

It’s a responsive website, not a mobile app.

Do a search for IOS or Android if you want a thread about deploying to the Apple or Google Play Store.

thanks for the help!