Images resizing on mobile leaves empty space?

Hey guys,

When I have the images keep it’s proportions on mobile, it leaves a blank space below it. It looks like the height doesn’t shrink to image dimensions on mobile.

Anybody knows how to fix this?

The image doesn’t resize, the container does. Depending on the image ratio, if you’re not cropping it, it will either pillar or letterbox. If that’s too cryptic, include a screenshot and I will explain.

Hey @duke.severn
The image resizes on the phone by using keep elements proportion but leaves the blank space as per the layout size it holds in the desktop view.

I changed the layout because of the issue so I don’t have a screenshot to show

Do not use the “keep elements proportions on the elements” option. Control your sizing & responsiveness using the container “Group element”. And like @duke.severn said, the image ratio [WxH] has a major role play too. If you still have any challenges, care to help.

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