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General bubble slowness/database load issues

Hi everyone, anyone noticing general slowness with their bubble apps this afternoon? Pages are loading and elements are showing up but seeing delays in pictures appearing on pages that are already loaded, same with maps, and some database object fields are slow to load. Seems to be an issue with the database. Not sure if it’s a bug but posting for others to comment, and may go away in time. Thanks!



Yeah, it’s been a little rough today. I’m hoping it’s just the server being a little slow - Would stop me from having to re-think a slow workflow that’s had me busy for hours.

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So much trouble this afternoon : everything is slow, the page is not refreshing correctly… that is a big problem because everything is buggy !!! Even the fields in the editor are not updating correctly after being renamed or a deleted…

It’s my first day since 5 months, is it like this the past months ?!

No not at all this a very weird situation and i haven’t seen this in quite a while, usually it is they are down and you know it and they fix it and it goes back to full speed but this is a weird case where it’s a little in the middle. Gonna open a general support ticket.

Very sorry to hear about these issues. We’re here and happy to investigate. We just received our first bug report about this ~15 minutes ago. If you’re experiencing issues on your app, then please submit a bug report here with reproducible steps so our team can take a look and figure out what’s going on.

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Yeah, I am also having some delays with loading images and files. It’s been a couple of days of being slow. @DavidS could this be from the file upload changes?

Yup, it’s getting better and better… :frowning:

I get regular timeouts today evening :confused:

@Guru Thanks for the ping on this - our team is aware of this outage, and are working to resolve this now.

Hi @eve,

now this appears:

@Guru We should be back up and running; if you’re still seeing this issue, can you try clearing out your cache, and please do contact our team directly at [email protected] if you’re still having trouble after a cache clear.

Hi @eve, Yup all works nice and smooth.



Hi @eve, think you guys are running into issues with 4:39PM EST code deploy, bubble is down now.

I also seem to be experiencing an outage right now.

Yup, it’s definitely down despite what the status page says. I’m getting this message:

Unexpected error, please try again shortly. (Reason: bal)

Also getting this error,

Same error here

We’re down over here.

Thanks for noting, everyone! Our team is on this, and should have you back up and running shortly. In the meantime, please keep an eye on our Status page for updates!

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same, now went to: