Why is my app taking so long to load?

My app has tons of images on it… but thats the only thing i can think of thats slowing my app down to the extreme. Any thoughts?? Suggestions wanted, thnx! The link —>https://noshu-supply.bubbleapps.io/version-test/main_menu?debug_mode=true

wow I’ve been loading for 2 minutes now an I have a great connection.

You’re images are quite light (no more than 60ko) so unless you have a lot of hidden images, I doubt that’s where the problem comes from.
Can you send a screenshot of your workflows? DO you have lots of conditionals in place? Do you have a lot of “Do a search for” ?

I did have the same problem and it was Toasty Notifications that did it for me.

Yes I’ve checked too and confirm it takes a long time to load, way too long, were talking 2+mins.


From debugging it seems there is a issue loading from the domain name:


Seems to be some sort of request or script that just doesnt run and will timeout.

Are you running any custom java executions e.g. on page load run this script?

I suggest in the Editor of your app to go to preview, hover over and try Safe mode, last option.

Try running it with the plugins disabled and see what that does.

yes! that worked… but why/what? And no I have no scripts

yes! that worked its faster… but how do i fix it? Why would it do that? I plan on wrapping it wth dropsource will that have any affect on speed?

yes. How do i share the app?

Yes seems to be a plugin issue - perhaps even an API call thats hanging to find something thats not there…

As loading the page without plugins, is quick:

What plugins do you have installed?

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i had a whole bunch i wasnt using. I deleted them and now its running a bit quicker.