Implementing an appointment booking feature

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I hope everybody is well.
In the app I’m building, I’d like to have a button where the (logged in) user would click on, and it would show a popup that would contain a form to book a time slot for a call, a bit like Calendly.

User could therefore book a call with us, the admin of the website, depending our Google Calendar availabilities.

Calendly would therefore be the natural solution… but it has a few limitations:

  • UI customization is very limited
  • most importantly, data is not connected to my app’s database… e.g. when a user books a timeslot, it can’t create a thing in my app’s database

I’m therefore looking for an alternative solution, which would basically have the following features:

  • Based on my (as in me the admin) Google Calendar
  • Customizable UI
  • Possibility to link the appointments dates to my app database

Do you by any chance know any plugin that would match my need?

Thank you very much.
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Any idea anyone? :grin:

Check this out:

I don’t believe it comes with Google integration, but I’m sure you can find some examples in the forum on how to set that portion up.

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Thank you!
Will carefully read this.