Need a Appointment booking platform/Calendly

Hello all!

New bubbler here and learning a ton as I go. I have gotten a bit stuck with the development of my web app.

I need a calendar view on one of my pages where users can book appointments through my pre set time slot availabilities and then have a link sent emailed to them with the video call invite after they have booked.

I researched and thought Calendly would be the best option for this. Google Calendar doesn’t let me use the appointment slot feature because I am not an educational or business account. However, I am having a hard time getting the Calendly plug in to show on my app.

Do I need to gt a HTML code from Calendlys platform and then put it in an HTML visual element on my app? I do not see an option to add that plug in directly on my designer tab. So far I have downloaded the plug in and entered my key.

Any help with this would be great, but if you have suggestions on building a custom calendar or a different plug in that would be better for my needs, I’d be happy to hear those options as well!

Thank you

Hey @KylePuma

I had the same dilemma (choosing between Calendly and a custom built calendar) when developing an app a few months ago. It was exactly the same use case:

  1. Professionals define time slots
  2. Users book slots within those time slots
  3. When booking is confirmed, they receive a link to a video-conference room

I personally chose to go with the custom-built calendar as it’s a lot more flexible, and leaves the option to add features as you scale. This may help you get started: [Tips] Let Users setup their daily availabilities

Hope that helps

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Yes. Custom build as much as you can. Clients will always have requests and doing it yourself gives control. Good tip for the OP.


Thank you so much for the help @ambroisedlg

This definitely sounds like the route to go. As a new bubbler with limited experience, it may take a good amount of time to build it out myself but the benefits should outweigh that.

Thank you @josh10 I am going to do my best to build this out myself.

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