Implementing JavaScript Code

I need some help implementing a JavaScript Front end and backend Integration that should take my customers from our bubble site to another app when I click on a specific button.

I believe I set up the javascript correctly on the front end but unclear how I would implement the backend code

From the company website & instructions:

Customer clicks on the widget

The widget will call onload event where it will wait for a customer access token

In the event perform an Ajax call to your server, then an API call to the server where it passes your internal customer id for tracking. This can be a string or an id

This will return a customer access token to be able to track the customer

Return the access token from the Ajax call

The widget will load and the customer will be tracked throughout the process

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

You can use the toolbox plugin to implement Javascript Code.

Thanks Johnny, I did use the toolbox plugin but it still doesnt appear to be working.