Implementing real-time chat notice: "...typing" and similar?

HI all

A quick question:

How would you implement the function in a Bubble created chat tool to show when a user is typing in the text field - requiring some kind of real-time listening to the user’s client?

Is this something we can do in Bubble, or is there an external API which is required to build the real-time functionality?

Many Thanks!


Basically you would need some Javascript code to run on the client side which would be “listening” to the “key” events on the user1’s browsers

And it would then fire of an event to trigger a workflow on the Bubble…and you could then update the text on the user2’s end to show that user1 is typing

A Bubble plugin would be able to accomplish all the above…

So like when multiline text input is focused & input is not empty user is typing?

That would be a fairly simple way to do it.

Have a workflow that runs every x seconds only when the multiline input is focused. Update something on the user - “last typed time” or something like that.

Then check that is within the last … x seconds on the other side … if it was recently updated then show “typing…”.


Hey @StevenM, @andrewjohnson56782 and @bradley.m

We just released a plugin that enhances your app chat capabilities by detecting when a user is typing, essentially in order to achieve what you mentioned: show a “…” is typing bubble :slight_smile: