[New Plugin] Realtime Inputs

Hi Everyone!

With the 20+ Bubble apps we’ve built over the past 4 years, we’ve always had one common issue when it came to forms - retrieving the value of an input in realtime with no delays. Yes there are options available of the plugin marketplace, but they either didn’t fit our use-case or they worked 50% of the time. So we created our own.

Realtime data from an input field with no delays. The plugin allows you to use workflow actions to start & stop listening on certain inputs (rather than specifying a fixed input ID in the editor) and provides a realtime value for the input field. It also pulls the initial input field data when the “start listening” action is run, without delays.

Included in the plugin is a “Typing” event indicator that returns a yes/no value. It also allows you to configure the delay between “typing” & “not typing” in ms.

Last but not least. The plugin includes an event trigger that fires when the input value is changed, so you can trigger workflow actions on every key press if you’d like.

Using the plugin is simple:

  • Add the element “Realtime Input” to your page (on the base of the page)
  • Give your inputs unique ID’s
  • Add the workflow action “Start Listening” & specify the relevant Input ID & typing indicator delay in MS
  • Trigger the “Stop Listening” workflow action when you no longer need to listen

You can use these action for as many inputs, dynamically.

Setting up a messenger typing indicator is simple:

  • Add a database column to “USER” such as “Is Typing?” with a yes/no value
  • Setup a conditional workflow that runs when a value is true
  • Set the condition “When Realtime Input’s Typing Indicator”
  • Add an action “Update current user” & update the “Is Typing?” column to “Realtime Input’s Typing Indicators” value
  • Add a text element that is visible when current users “Is Typing?” is “yes”

You can check out the plugin in here:

And the demo page:

Let me know if you have any feedback or feature requests! I am working on functionality for character & word counting as well as count restrictions.

Thanks everyone!

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