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Hello fellow bubble users. I have recently developed a messaging application that I am releasing a big update to soon. In this update, I want the feature that allows the other user to see when somebody is typing, like so:

I was wondering if anybody would be able to give me some tips on how to detect input in the input field so I can display that the user is typing.

Thanks in advance!

You can use the conditional with when number of characters > 0 and then process.


Well, that is where my issue comes in. I have tried that previously. But, in my app, there is a workflow that changes the current users database content to “isTyping?” to “yes”. And there is currently no way to make changes to the current user under the conditional tab.

I realized that what you needed is to use ‘do when condition is true’ action and as I know there’s no way to change it under the conditional tab (will be cool and easier) :

Ah, I see. This worked for me! Thanks! I will let you know if I have any further issues. Thank you for your help!

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Hello, I am still having issues with this. It will not update as the person starts typing. Somewhat like discord. I would like it to possibly detect when the input’s value is being changed, as it is being changed. I had it set before, but it would not update until you clicked outside of the input. If you could further help, that would be great. Thanks

I tried on my side and it’s working fine. Are you using the action Do When Condition is True? You have to put inside that workflow the value “isTyping?” to “yes”. The moment you entered anything in the input, it triggered the workflow.

Yes, I did use the workflow “When condition is true” Method. It seems to not work as soon as text in entered in to the input.

I can look at your app, but you can’t have more simple :slight_smile: It supposed to work. Have you set the good input? it is something very easy to find technically :slight_smile: Take some time and let me know or share some pics.
edit: or maybe you want to detect again the status? if yes, the solution of @renelonngren
will work.

Can you maybe compare the value of the input field with an empty value and use that as a condition for the “when user is typing”?

In my app I show a save button when my rich text field is different than the stored value in the database.

I will send you a PM private message.

I have received it. I have sent a reply

I’ve done this in my own sort of clone of iMessage (that I built on a whim one afternoon and actually does have a place in my app, but it’s not super useful at the moment).

I found that the message input being focused is a pretty reasonable proxy for the state of “a user is typing”. It is, at a minimum, the necessary state. (If the input is NOT in focus, the user is clearly NOT typing. When the input if focused, the user is clearly intent on typing, if not actively doing so.) One could supplement that state by a timer action (do every x seconds… condition) to understand if the input is changing. I didn’t go so far as to do that.

FYI, YMMV, etc.

Depending on how far you wanted/needed to go with the detection, especially when trying to implement predictive features or time between strokes you could go this route.

1. Drop the toolbox element on your page and replicate the settings.

2. Run this JS on page load.

The Code (This will target ALL inputs),


If you want to target an element ID instead of all inputs (replace MYID with your ID),


3. Setup an event like so,

So, just how well does it work?


Hello, sorry for the late reply. Over the night I have figured out my issues. I will now be closing this as the issue has been resolved. Thanks for the help!

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