Import CSV with Address Data

I’ve got a couple of tables in an app with address data that, when it’s live, is pulled in from the Google API.

When I try and upload a CSV of test data with addresses I know are accurate, it throws up an “error hitting Google Geocode”.

On the live app, when customers upload initial data of companies and sites, there will be crappy addresses which will need to be updated. I presume the error is due to Google not recognising the address?

Can anyone help with this?

I have recently struggled with importing data with Geocode, especially when there is no proper address written on the original data do import.

Here’s what I found: Geocode Addresses in Google Sheets | Hands-On Data Visualization

This link offers some help in the form of the Geocoding Google Drive extension by Smartmonkey. They did an awesome job. I was able to acquire the correct address even though I had only business names and cities.

Then, upon importing from CSV into a data type that uses geocode it successfully found the addresses and filled the data.

Hope this helps anyone else.