Import Image files in Dataset

Hi There,

I have data set for Brand Logo and I am displaying Brand image in my repeating group.

Brand Logo - Data Field type Image
Excel file contains brand name and Brand image file
I convert the Excel into Comma delimited
Import data in Bubble
Map fields Brand name and Brand logo
Upon successful upload the data in data base looks like this.

Could you please suggest best way to bulk import image file alongside other data elements. I will have more columns in the CSV than just these 2.
Thanks for recommendation


Here is a method that I wrote out earlier today. If the file names are the brand names, you could create a simple page with a multi file uploader and a button. Add all the images to the uploader and use the workflow outline in that post. When creating the object, just use the file name as the brand name.

What exactly is “Brand image file”? Is it a URL to a remotely hosted image, or is it something else? When you look at the CSV, what do you see for that field?


I see the column for Brand logo Image as empty. That explains why I see no data when I upload CSV to my data set.

Now, I have replaced the actual image in my EXCEL (Before converting to CSV) with a Google drive URL where the image is stored.

Do I need to upload URLs first and then via API upload the image from Google drive to Bubble database?

I am trying to upload a list of values e.g Brand name text Brand Website text and Brand logo image file to bubble database. Thanks for suggestion.


Not sure if i fully follow this solution.

I am trying to upload 3 fields to Bubble DB dataset

Brand name - text
Brand website - text
Brand logo - image file

  1. Should the image file data type be image and In CSV i input URL where this image is stored?
  2. I see recommendation on using API Workflow to upload image from URL to S3.

That might not work. As I recall, Google Drive does not support hosting images for use within the context of a web page - i.e. you can’t reference images on Google Drive from the src attribute of a <img> tag. And if you can’t reference the image directly, the bulk import probably won’t work.


If your Bubble plan supports it, you can use the Bulk Action feature (DataApp dataBulk button) and then invoke :saved to S3 in the workflow. That essentially “pulls” the remote image into Bubble storage.

Be forewarned, however, that, depending on the size and number of images, you can quickly chew through your [pricey] Bubble storage rather quickly.


Can I upload Google Drive URLs? Do I need to authenticate Google Drive via API?

I do have an option for BULK upload on dataset

I created a new Backend Workflow as follows:
Create a new API endpoint.
Gave it name updatebrandimage
Key brandimage
Type image

Action:: Create a new thing, Brand Dataset, Field selected Brand image and set to brandimage (Key above)

I don’t see Bulk operation activated.

Is there a documentation you came across specifically on image upload to Bubble. I was not able to find a good reference post

Now in action: Do I create a new thing?