Import products from webstore (plugin)?

I have an idea of making a “marketplace” type of thing for suppliers and retail businesses.

The plan is to connect suppliers with small/medium sized eCommerce stores which can help each party with drop-shipping and

  • Suppliers can add products on to the Bubble app / Export and Import products from their shop to the Bubble app.
  • Users can import these products from the Bubble app to their Shopify/WordPress shops.
  • Information about orders from Shopify/Wordpress store are displayed in the app, and payment goes directly to the supplier.
  • Supplier then sends out the product to customers warehouse, or directly to their customers.

I understand I’d have to make a plugin for shopify/wordpress through bubble for this in order for customers to import products from the Bubble app.

  1. Is this possible to build/setup through Bubble?
  2. How would I go about setting this up through my app?

Good questions. Well laid out product / feature set. I believe all of this is possible but not 100% sure.

When you say import/export, do you mean with something like a CSV, or through an API?

  • Does anyone else know whether Bubble’s API support this type of requirement of enabling multiple people to import / export data, presumably with different API keys?
  • Has anyone set up an API with Shopify and Wordpress stores? If so, are you aware of any relevant limitations?

As for paying the supplier, are you planning to send the money to them through something fairly standard like, say, PayPal or are you thinking you’d interface with whichever services they use? If the later, then you may need a lot of integrations would be time consuming to create in Bubble (or elsewhere).