Importance of app name

what is the importance of app name?

I have not decided my app’s name yet. and starting to create the app. so in future when i decide the name i would need to change it. at that time i don’t want to loos my data, plan, paid plugins or face any consequence. so i want to know when and where i will need of the app name!!!

can any one help me?

Hi there, @Sart… once you are on a paid plan, you will almost certainly be using a custom domain. At that point, the “Bubble” name of your app really doesn’t mean all that much (if at all). So, in other words, don’t sweat it too much at this point. Before you are on a paid plan and deploy to live, the name will show up in the URL for your app, but again, that doesn’t matter in the long run.


Thank you very much for the response.

i am creating a native app.
does it still not matter at all?

Nope, still doesn’t matter.

but why?
generally any application has its name bellow its icon.
so i can not get it!!!

Hmm, I guess I was incorrect about the native app, although I’m not sure if that’s exactly what is being said in the response you got in the other thread. Is that response saying the name of your Bubble app will be the name of your native app, and there is no way to change it? Truth be told, I have never wrapped a Bubble app to create a native app, but I have been around long enough that I thought I knew that the Bubble app name doesn’t really matter. My apologies if that was incorrect in this case.

Hi @Sart,

Native app name can be changed at will, you simply need to request a build update if you feel like changing the app name again. As for Bubble app, it also can be changed or linked to a domain so not to worry.

Cheers, A