Native app requires domain name?

Hi everyone!

If I want to build a native app for mobile then do I need a domain name within a personal plan or it should work without domain name and would not show any “built on Bubble” sign?

I have found this thread Native Apps and Domain Name , but it’s quite old and not sure if it answered my question.

I want to build native app for IOS and Anrodid for internal usage of an organization and I would not need web application, only mobile apps.

Thanks for any help.

Hi @balogh.botond8,

You don’t need to buy a domain name to build your native. Bubble app url would suffice to convert it into native app with



Hey @Sam,
i had the same doubt. Thank you for the solution.
but another doubt is if the domain does not requires for native then do the app name matter?

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Hello there!

The name of the app will be compiled into the native app package which is an important element.
If a user installs your app on device, provided name will be shown under the icon.

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Thank you very much @Sam for the quick response and for the solution.