Api Workflow on list very slow

i have been trying to create a list of new things using a repeating group and api workflow api list, i did get it to work and create the records but it takes about 5 seconds to create 5 records and is seams to be a very slow process, i have checked the logs and i am not even close to reaching the app process max, can someone tell me if i have done something wrong.

It looks like everything is correct. In my opinion, this is just one of those less than great things about Bubble. So much to love, but when it comes to data, it just doesn’t have the speed you might hope for.

Hi mebeingken,
Thanks for the reply, that is a shame because bubble has greate features but this is really a a big fail, i cant imagine a user having to wait 5 to 10 seconds just to get a total on a result.

Thank you again

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There are usually ways to work within the system so that users don’t feel it. If you are creating five records, don’t you already have the total to present to the user?

from what i could gather in the forums the only way to sum or add values that are in a repeating group was thru a api workflow, other that than i could not find a way get a result of a sum, is there another way?

You can reference a repeating groups’ > list of records > the field you want to sum > :sum

Hi mebeingken,

i can do what said on your las coment, but i only get the resul of the sum the existing Rate record, i need to multiply that value times the number of days then sum, that is what i am havinf trouble with, is that posible?

thank you in advance

I’ve built an exercise-type app recently and I used the plugin “Instant Calculator” to good effect.
If you get the sum from an expression you can easily multiply it by some number, get the result and put wherever you want - a text field or some such.