Importing Date/time columns

Hi there,

I couldn’t find any documentation on how to import a date time field. How should it be formatted?
This is the type of data I’m trying to import into the database:

03-09-2018 01:15:00

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To confirm, are you running into any issues with uploading the date as it is? Or just trying to get your data in order first?

If there’s a specific error message you’re encountering, feel free to share it here.

Thanks for your reply:)

I already tried importing timedate in several formats. This is the error I am having.

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Hmm, that’s strange. Where are you trying to upload the records? (User-facing CSV uploader, Bubble editor CSV uploader?). Or are you using this in some other context.

I just tried uploading a test file with that exact text for the date value but didn’t encounter any errors. (Both user-facing CSV uploader and Bubble editor uploader).

A minor fix you can try is to select the data in Excel/Google Sheets, and ensure that the field is formatted as date & time), then export to .CSV

I’ve had this problem, from memory I had to change the date type to US format in the spreadsheet. I’m not at my laptop so can’t check though.


Great, this solved it for me.

A big thanks!


I’m having the issue too

Yes same problem, eg 13/01/1978 gets rejected because of the 13, is there a way to set the UK format dd/mm/yyyy ?

Bubble Date
Here it worked this way: mm/dd/yy hh:mm am

what I got wrong was the timezone after the upload csv, in my case it came back -3hours : (

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You need to use utc offset, so the -3 is the utc offset. There’s a plugin to get this based on user’s timezone.

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