Moving bubble database to MySQL database

We are planning on using MySQL database to store data, and we would like to move existing data on bubble to MySQL.
Does anyone have an experience moving bubble database to MySQL database?

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I thought a lot about this, and it isn’t trivial.

I have all kinds of scripts that can handle data input/output on bubble, google sheets, python, … everything. Movement to MySQL has its own challenges previously and after…

You have to match exactly the structure, then you have to make sure that “object Id’s” are read and managed/translated to “keys” on the mysql database model. (you will need some kind of proxy/buffer to match those in real time).

Assuming that all goes well, now you will have to change all your code on the app to call the MySQL plugin instead of the built-in data model.

At the end, there may be a security breach, as you will have to “open” you MySQL to unkown IP addresses as Bubble app runs on cloud servers.

If you have a small and easy data set that you want to “externalize”, this is easy (even with the CSV built in tools you can do it).

If you are moving a full featured, already developed app, I would only do this only if I want to move away from bubble and have the application running on some other platform.

Good luck!

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Yes, I’ve done it. The complexity depends on the structure and size of your Bubble database. DM me if you need more help.

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