Importing public Facebook-events

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I’m developing an events-website, which revolves around the ability of users to search for events. Events are in turn created by users themselves. Events are a data-type that have a title, a description, location, date and picture. Currently, users have to manually create events, which is often just copying the description of an event they have already posted on Facebook.

In order to get many events on the website, I’d like to be able to copy the content of publicly accessible Facebook-events to my database. My main interest goes out to me being able to search for Facebook-events of specific Facebook-users, and then importing these events to my database. Because on my website all events need to be created by a specific user (the organizer of the event), this would mean that in some way these events have to be linked to a user that I could select. So, I would import Facebook-events from Facebook-accounts that are not mine, but which posted publicly accessible Facebook-events. Then, these imported events need to be linked to a certain user on my website.

To illustrate the desired end result: I have a certain Facebook user (Company A), which has 20 public events on Facebook. Somehow (and this is out of my league), my website would be able to search for these Facebook-events, import them into my website, and skip the events that had already been imported before (in order to prevent double posts). Another possibility would be to create double posts, but then immediately run a search for events that are identical, removing the double posts right away (this might be easier). End result: I only have to run a search like this one around once every two weeks for every user, instead of manually adding events the whole time.

Obviously, I’m looking for someone who could develop this for me. The website itself is already up and running, so this is just additional functionality.

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I am a experienced developer and would be able to help you out on this…
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I’d be happy to assist you.
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Hey everybody, I already found somebody else to do it. I’ll let you know if that doesn’t work out!

Hello !
Is it possible to have a look at the website ? I’m working on a website working on a similar principle, I’d be glad to see yours :smiley: !


It can be done. Since you will be looking at user events, your app has to be approved to do so.

Information here:


Hi, does anyone have an easy DIY way to do this? the developers.fb link above is dead