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Impossible to delete a "large" number of rows?

I have a table with 10,000 rows in it. Not all that large (people are talking about loading 250,000).

Need to clear the table down, as am fairly certain bubble csv load doubles up on the data load for some reason.

I can’t run the delete from a button, because it times out.

I can’t run it from a Bulk Action … because you are forced to add a parameter … and when you do it times out trying to retrieve the list.

So there is no way to clear down your database it seems. Except repeatedly hitting a button until you get a timeout message.

I am now going to load up 5000 rows of csv. This will take hours.

At some point, please, can Bubble work at scale.

What is the issue with Bulk action, and parameter? It should be done that way.

When you try to run it, the list times out.

Can you email us?


Happens on update as well. 5000 rows to update, does about 500 at a time it seems. But doesn’t “fail elegantly” just … returns you to the page having done part of the job.

Any tips from this @NigelG?

I have a ton of rows that I just want to delete so I can add fresh ones with a .csv import. Do you think you could layout a step-by-step for how to bulk delete rows? Thanks in advance.

This thread should help.