Improving My Repeating Group Ext. Vertical Scolling

Hey, I’m looking to have more control over the Repeating Group layout. Currently, the Ext. Vertical Scrolling loads 1 cell each time it loads.

I’d like to load 15 cells every time a user gets to the bottom. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks have this so users aren’t waiting for the next cell to display. Any way to do this currently? If not, can you add this function fairly soon?



That’s something on our end, we’ll see what we can do.


Ok, great thanks! Will you announce the update somewhere?

We’ll deploy something next week or tomorrow (but we won’t load 15 at once, that would slow scrolling, we’ll just load a few more).


Ok great thanks.

Any updates on this?

It seems the Ext. Vertical Scrolling still loads only 1 cell.

It’d be great if we could input the number of cells we would like to load. I personally would like to load about 4 or 5 new cells each time the end the of repeating group is reached.


is this ever gonna happen… 1 cell at a time is really annoying on mobile

+1 on this one. Allowing us to customize how many to load would be a huge improvement.

For now my work around is to load full list but limit data source to :number of items: X.

  • X is a state on the group of how many items to load
  • I set up a “do when scrolling position is > Y”, then set state of X = X +10 and Y = Y + 2000.

Works quite well! Except the fact I have to set this up for every single repeating group.

An improvement on this one would be big :slight_smile:


Hi @michaelchang5161

Could you perhaps show a screen shot or two of what the set up looks like?

I’m trying to figure out how to set the scrolling position of a repeating group but can only find ways to set the scrolling position of the current page.

I also am curious about how you update the states of X and Y…is the Y value set equal to +2000 based on the size of the cells in your repeating group so you have cells equal to 200 and 10 of them is 2000?


Boston, i had the exact same problem, this plugin resolved it for me

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