Always load next n rows (Repeating Group)

Hey Team,

Just an idea if we can make a small improvement on the Ext. Vertical Scrolling where we can define the number of records to be loaded when the user scrolls down and when to load them.

For example we can have a field the defines to always load the next 10 rows before user scrolling reach X row. So the 2 options will be

  1. Always load a minimum of n rows
  2. Start loading records before user reaches bottom of page by X px Height

Don’t know how feasible is this but it will give a chance for records to load before the user reaches the last record thus keeping the page smooth when scrolling down. I believe facebook also preloads row before you actually reach the last row.


Yes!!! This would be phenomenal.

@AliFarahat, do you use a Mac by chance? I’m not sure how complicated your repeating group is, but do you notice a significant difference in load time in Chrome vs. Safari?

No i am on windows (Chrome), but yes i had repeating groups take time load new rows. I had even on occasion mistakenly thought i reached the last row!

Anyone else having similar challenges?

Well we built the element so that it just works. If it doesn’t, please send us a bug report and we can look at improving things. Not sure it brings much to give control there, but it can probably be improved for everyone

Yes this would be great, as mine does not even show a spinning loading icon!