Improving user experience with no blank page for navigation actions

This was already suggested as a side discussion in another non-related post, and I think a deserves a dedicated topic.

If you look at most modern websites, you never go through blank pages during navigation from on page to another.
Nowadays, when you navigate from one page to another in Bubble, you get a blank page with a blue loading bar at the top, then the content is displayed.

On modern websites, when you navigate from one page to another, you first stay on the same page and a similar loading bar is displayed at the top of the page, and you only switch to the new page when enough content has been loaded (the html body ?).

While the time needed to load the whole page is the same, the user experience is greatly improved by not having to stare at a blank page for several seconds.

I don’t know what are the technical limitations for this, but it would be very nice to have that in Bubble too !


did you find any solution?

No, I think this has to be done on Bubble side

yep, now my app just show menu and header when loading, so it load really fast, when loaded, it show repeating group…