In-App browser - nothing is clickable

Hey guys,

I have a really weird bug here and it destroys the whole purpose of my app. It only occurs if I open my app with the instagram inapp browser on my google pixel (I hope it’s only a google pixel problem).

I can’t click anything if I open the url in Instagram! But if I leave the in app browser and use chrome (also mobile) instead it works perfectly fine.

I made a public Instagram profile which is including the link to my app in the bio so you can check it out:
This is the link to the app (just click on it in my instagram bio):

I will show my app to a couple customers tomorrow and I’m trying to find a solution how to fix it.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Works for me on iPhone in instagram browser. is really a slick idea. Tattoo artists will fall in love with it. Wish you all the best.

We had a report of this a while ago but were never able to accurately reproduce: the user reporting was working with a third-party and the third-party had changed their setup. Can you please file a bug report so that our team can take a look at this?

Can confirm that clicking your website link from your Instagram account (in app) on a Pixel 3 that the button is unresponsive.
But when typing in the URL directly into the Brave browser on my phone the button is responsive. Must be something with the Instagram Browser (and maybe other In App browsers)

done, thank you

thank you my guy :black_heart:

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