Viewing Site Via Instagram Browser Not Working

I am having a weird issue where everything displays correctly through a mobile browser (testing on chrome mobile) but when I view the site through the built in Instagram browser, things do not display correctly at all. I am viewing on a Pixel 4 if that makes a difference.

Any ideas what the issue might be?

I am having the exact same issue. We were running instagram ads then discovered our app looked VERY rough in the instagram web browser.

Did you ever figure out something? Any help would be so appreciated.

We are racking our brains trying to do anything we can before we recreate a landing page in Facebooks tools.

@corey.dorsa no, unfortunately I didn’t. As far as I can tell, the issue seems to be limited to android users. I was sharing something with people that were using iPhones in Instagram, and it seemed to be OK for them.

Thanks so much for getting back. Yeah it looks really rough on my pixel and I am worried it’s why we aren’t converting anyone.

I am also on a Pixel, so it might not even be an Android thing, it could be specifically a Pixel thing.

Not sure how you are generating traffic, but if it is through some kind of paid ads, I would just not target anyone using Android and leave it to Desktop and IOs users.

Same here, 2 different android phones.
It looks like all elements and text are larger viewed through Instagram’s browser, nothing fits like it should.

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did someone understand what the problem is? is it bubble problem?

This is a Bubble in Instagram’s Browser problem. Still seems to be happening :frowning:

It even negatively affects Bubble themselves since they are paying for Instagram Ads which people click and then can’t even access the Bubble website.

Really hope someone has a solution.
Something along the lines of recognizing an Instagram browser, which is available in the user agent data, and then showing a Button to open the page in the default browser. But not sure if that’s possible or not

Actually just got hit with a Bubble ad on Instagram and tested it out and it worked fine for their homepage but not for my Bubble app.

@eve do you know if the Bubble team has done anything internally with the website so that it works in the Instagram browser despite the common issue described above?

Because of this, I had to make landing pages on webflow, that it to work correctly in paid traffic. And only from the moment of authorization we use bubble

It’s all caching, unfortunately, and since it’s Instagram in-app browser caching, there’s not a lot that we can do on our end to resolve this – trust me, our team has looked into this pretty deeply!


Thanks for the info @eve … Just out of curiosity, any reason why it seems to be Pixel/Android specific? Something with the build on the Instagram browser on those devices?

I’m having the same issue with my app. It works fine on desktop and mobile browsers, but if the user is on an Android phone and follows a link from Instagram, they get the updated app message over and over again (‘We just updated this app. Please tap here to get the latest version’), so they can’t navigate the app. The page header also seems to shrink inexplicably.