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All Apps broken if accessed from Instagram or Facebook

Our app is broken using Instagram in-app browsing and facebook in-app browsing. In other words, nothing on our site works if someone navigates there from IG or FB. Is anyone else experiencing this? Has anyone else solved for this? It’s stymying our growth.

You might want to describe what is actually happening. “Not working” is very broad :wink: Do the users land on a 404, then check the actual url. Maybe FB is adding or overwriting some parameters you app doesn’t understand.

Is the behaviour the same on other devices than yours?
Do you use any kind of wrappers like BDK?

Not sure where to go from here, but you need to investigate further before we or support can help.

It’s an issue on Pixel devices on FB or IG browser across all Bubble apps. The apps responsiveness doesn’t load properly; all of the text gets jumbled up together. Elements don’t load (including stripe elements). Pixel on FB or IG browser basically turns your app into frankenstein.

@Jacob_D Have you filed a bug report with Bubble? If not, that’s probably the first thing you should do.

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