In need of a hack -- way to do "doesn't contain" against >1 item

I need to do a lookup to check if user is not in a list of other users. “Doesn’t contain” only looks at :one item.
Anyone have a hack for how to lookup against >1 item?

Here’s a concrete example:
Field1 is list of “users” = “A”
Field2 is a list of “other users” = “C”, “B”

With the current implementation, users (“A”) doesn’t contain other users (“C”)


Instead, I need a search that does users (“A”) doesn’t contain other users (“C” or “B”)

Anyone know what doesn’t contain actually does? May concatenating “CB” be a solution?

You can use the advanced filter and check if Field1 :intersect Field2 is empty.

Sorry I’m not by computer so not able to show you a screenshot.

…hum, looks like the advanced filters are not available on list of texts. feature request time?


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I’m trying to filter a list of texts and running into the same limitation where functions available on lists of things aren’t available on lists of texts.

My least favorite part of working in Bubble is when a design format I use in my head because I expect to use it doesn’t actually exist and there’s no way to find that out without building half of it.

The same limitation still exists as depicted here. In need of a hack -- way to do "doesn't contain" against >1 item.

Is the search you’re doing on page? If so you can do fancier things with custom JS snippets + the toolkit plugin. Happy to see if I can write it if on-page works for you. I’d need an example.