In search of co-founder / investor / freelance work

Long story>short, I have been using bubble for about three years, working on my own ideas for websites/apps. Since I have a full-time job, I’m not developing my current project (link below) as fast as possible.

So, I’m looking for…

  1. Co-Founder with experience of bubble, especially live apps, payments with Stripe and ideally wider CS background, any other experience like marketing and sales would be a big plus too.

  2. Investor (who could be the same person as co-founder), who is prepared to make a cash injection at this early stage in exchange for % of the app.

  3. Failing 1 and 2 in the short-term, I need to work on some other apps as a freelancer to make some money - see the app below for example of work.

Here is what I am working on (not live yet):

Anyone who wants to contact me about anything, please do here or @bhdecjones on telegram.

What do you have to offer that’s better than a developer just building your idea for themselves?

You’re asking for a Bubble developer, founder, investor and marketer all in one. What are you offering?

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Wow, quick reply George!

I am not actually looking for all of those things in one person, although that would be a big bonus.

I’m offering the idea and the year or two it’s taken me to get it to this stage.

I also have a lot of experience as a content creator and editor when it comes to marketing.

We would be working together to get the app to the next stage - getting users and making money, so it would be more or less an equal workload.

I guess overall I’m looking for people who are interested in working on a project together to start up a conversation about how we can collaborate - the ideal result would be a co-founder to take my app further.

Someone would’ve said it if I didn’t :man_shrugging:

Well that is what i also can’t see. At least the offer should be clear.

I need to step up my game, you’re beating me to these now😅


Don’t worry, there’s plenty to go around

looks like you’ve already setup a site/business that is no more New Website: take a look i would recommend you cite something that you bring to the table, money already invested etc if you hope to get anything serious as a response.

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Seems like you two get a kick out of handing out some kind of condescending advice and then using replies for your in-jokes.

I for one have spent a lot of time around a full-time job and other commitments to get an app that is somewhere near publishable. And I know there are a lot just like me. Your comments are not helpful. So please give actual advice, reach out personally or don’t post at all.

You could have read my original post carefully, but here is a summary:

  1. I’m looking for a co-founder for my bubble app.
  2. I’m looking for an investor for the same app (same or different person).
  3. Failing 1 and 2 in the short-term, I’m looking for projects to work on as a freelance bubble developer.

Actually it’s the same app, I just stopped paying to have it live while I had no users.

No, it’s not like that. The forum is full of people with big ideas looking for Bubble developers to fulfil them. In your first post, you asked for feedback and got reasonable feedback. Here, you’re asking for things without much to offer. I empathise with the fact that I’m sure you’ve spent lots of time on it, but the position that you’re in is this:

  • you have a Google Maps clone built on a platform not ideal for mobile development, when most people will be wanting to use their phone for an app like this
  • your addressable market is hundreds of millions, but you have no users or product validation
  • your app in its current form would be built by an experienced developer in a day or so

I know it’s hard to hear that. I’ve been on that end of the deal. However, when everyone tells me I’m wrong, there’s a good chance they’re right and it tells me to give up on that idea and try something else, or modify the idea so it’s successful.

The point I was making in the initial post is that whatever you’re asking for, all you’re offering in return is equity in a product that will be very hard to grow, when if a developer really believed in the idea they’d have it built and live by Sunday.

If you want to find someone to work on your app, you need to do some or all of the following:

  • offer payment up front
  • show evidence of product market fit
  • explain why they should work with you and not one of the other dozens of people that post here
  • explain your relevant industry experience that makes you the best person to launch this idea

It’s tough, but sadly sometimes a wakeup call is in order.
If you don’t want to listen to us, listen to the YC partners. Search up what they think of Tar pit ideas.


Taking on a co founder or investor requires putting in work, typically a pitch deck.

  • Problem Statement

  • Solution Present your app as the solution to the identified problem.

  • Market Opportunity Describe the size and characteristics of the market you are targeting.

  • Product Description Go into more detail about how your app works and its key features.

  • Business Model Explain how your app will make money (e.g., subscription fees, advertising, in-app purchases).

  • Go-to-Market Plan Outline your marketing and sales strategy.

  • Competitive Analysis Identify your competitors and explain how your app is different and better.

  • Traction If available, provide data of your app’s success or potential (e.g., user numbers, growth metrics, testimonials).

  • Financials a summary of your financial projections, funding requirements, and how you plan to use the funds or what your current budget is

  • Team, what you’ll be doing and what their scope is

You’re currently trying to get someone to make a major commitment off of a paragraph of info talking about only what you want.


Not being condescending, the point i’m making is the more context you provide the better chance you have or getting what you’re looking for. You should have also included this info in the post. People can then see you’ve got an app for several months, you’ve since got no users and downgraded to free. Expecting people to invest time or money is going to be a challenge. How much money have you put into this?, how much time?, whats the addressable market etc etc etc