Incorrect behavior of the element when trying to adapt it to different screen sizes

Hello. I’m trying to make a responsive shape. I specify how much percentage the element should occupy when the screen is resized. However, during playback, the element starts to behave very strangely, blinking and quickly changing its size.

Load this page and try to change screen size

I’m trying to specify conditions in pixels, but for some reason only the last condition is met. For example, I specify that the width at size <1000 will be 500px, and at size <800, it will be 300px. As a result, I have an element size of 300 pixels on all screens.
thanks for the help


I don’t think you’ll get much help here without sharing a lot more information…

My guess is you’ve got some weird conditionals set up on an infinite loop or something like that…

So feel free to share some detailed screenshots about your app (or better still a link to the editor)…

Ok, but how I can share link to the editor?)

Just copy and paste the URL (you’ll need to make sure your app is set to ‘Anyone Can View’ so that your app can be viewed but not edited - you can do that in your app settings on the General Tab on the Editor Access Permissions)

ok. Done


Your conditions on the group ‘Group List of assignment’ doesn’t make any sense… (as I suspected), so it’s just endlessly changing in size, hence the flickering…

Currently you’re saying when the group’s size is less than 500px change its minimum width to the full width of its parent container, but it’s also set to ‘Fit Width To Content’ so it will always be less than 500px, so is constantly changing to the full width of its parent container.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do here?

Can you explain more clearly the intended behaviour you’re trying to achieve?..

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Thank you so much! It worked. I removed all conditions and unchecked Fit Width To Content. Now I understand what it means)) It’s my first project)

I’m trying to make a condition that when the screen size is less than 500 pixels, this element occupies a certain area of ​​the screen. Now everything worked out. Thanks again

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