Conditional width size glitching

I have a group (column layout) set to a fixed 30% width of the parent container. I set up a conditional to change the width to 100% when the screen size is 768 pixels or less. When I test this, anytime the screen size is between 854 px and 2845 px, it glitches and it flickers between both states.

See here

Help is appreciated

Oh man, that’s a hell for those who have epilepsy…
It seems that you are having some conflicting conditions and they are looping. Could you share your conditionals?

Thanks for the reply. I only have 1 conditional. Screen shot attached.

As I can see - your “Hello” group is 100% width even at 853px, so there is some other condition besides what you shared.
At 854px your “hello” group shrinks and glitching starts.

UPDATE. You are referencing “hello” groups width in conditionals (when THIS group width...) and changing it simultaneously. I guess that’s the problem :slight_smile: Change to when current page width and I suppose glitching will be fixed.

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Aha! That worked, thank you so much for your efforts.