Suddenly the button is not working

I have a button on a page called “add”. It was working perfectly until now. I didn’t mess with anything related to it. It just suddenly didn’t work. It was unclickable but I checked in its properties the box for being clickable was checked. Can someone help me?

The last thing I changed was ID attribute to some elements but I didn’t change the id attribute of the button. I don’t know. What would cause this issue?
In the workflow: When the button was clicked, show element.
In the conditions of the button: When the current user’s email is something the element is visible.
Please help me.
Thanks in advance!

here is the workflow

Any help?!

Can you share editor link and put your app in view mode?

can you tell me how to put it in view mode?

In Setting tab, General

You should not use shape but group instead and set background on group.
I cannot test the page actually because of the login requested. But You should review the Shape and put element into group instead of hover shape.I’m not sure if this can cause issue but this is something you can consider.
When you go in your page in debug_mode and do step by step, does it trigger something? It may help you find some more info. Also, click on inspect, and move your mouse hover the button and try to click it. Does it select the button or something else?

I think I know what is the problem. When I inspect the button and it doesn’t pick t up but it does pick the header so I think the header is I don’t know how but it is above the button and it is not picking up the click.

Yes. this is the issue. The header is above your button.
If you edit your header, you can see that height is very important. So you will need to reduce it.

I think the blank space is the problem. It may be above the button but it is invisible somehow

You will not be able to drag the bottom because there’s stuff into the page. But you can click on the header and manually reduce theheight of the element.

Yes I am doing it manually. Thank you for your help. You rock!!

No problem. You should also use focus group for the menu instead of Floating group. They will move with your menu item.

how to use the focus group?

Don’t forget to go on the page to set the floating header to the new height.

For how to use focus group, I think you can search the forum to find some information depending of your case.

The button is still not working. Why? Did I forget something?

Maybe but not sure. It may be related to other floating inside your header. I suggest you to use Repace and replace them by focus group

Okay thank you so much.

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@Jici if you don’t mind asking one last question. how do you list all the attached files in the database on a page and how do you let the user create folders and add files inside these files?

You cannot really “create” folders.
But you can fake a folders system using DB.
Create a Folders things.
Create a Files things.
Link both together and you can both all of this to user. this can also be linked to project or any other DB.

so it will look like this?