Increment custom state of a Page [fixed]

How do I increment a Custom State?
Currently my Custom State starts with the Number 1. When a User clicks a button the Number should go up by 1.

When I attempt to use the Set Custom State Action the Page isn’t available for me to select the Custom State

Hey Cory,

Any custom state that is on the page itself will be available to that custom state action, so something is going awry here.

I’ve seen a bug where all elements don’t show up in the chooser, but this is fixed by a refresh of the editor – start there. Custom states are page specific, so make sure you are not attempting to set the custom state of another page.

Otherwise, post up some screenshots as that might help somebody find the issue for you.


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Ken Truesdale

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Yup looks like it was solved with a page refresh. Thanks!

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