Index Page : Size problem in preview with Repeating Groups


When I add a Repeating Group in the Index page of my App, in preview the Repeating Group appears like 2x bigger than in the editor.
This problems happens only in the Index page (not in the other pages of my app). I tried in the index page of another project and everything was alright.
This problems happens only with the Repeating Groups (other elements like buttons dont change size between the Editor and the Preview).

Please find attached 2 screenshots : one from the editor (black repeating Group and red buttons are the same size) and one from the preview screen (repeating group is too big, button size didn’t change).

Does anybody know from where this size problem could come from and how to resolve it ?

Thanks you very much



If you want to restrict and control the width of RGs, you’re best bet is to: Right click RG → Group elements in Group → Set max width property on this Group → Go into responsive mode → Select new Group and decide on float position (left, center, right)

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Thank you Philip yes it was these settings to play with in order to have a nice behavior for the RG.

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