[INFO] How to upload multiple files and save filename and file URL to DB

I am writing this post to share a solution that was difficult for me to figure out.

All of the details shared below were found in Bubble docs and this forum, but these details were all spread out.

If you have any improvements or related info to share, please add that in the comments! (If needed, I will update this core message with new Learnings.)

This solution uses the Multi-File Uploader plugin. (Dropzone - Bubble Docs)

I just realized that my approach above creates duplicates of each file in the File Manager.

Can this be avoided?

Maybe remove the part of saving the URLs…basically all files, and images are a file just of a specific type, are URLs in Bubble database pointing to the Amazon S3 bucket. That could be why you are seeing duplicates in file manager, one for the file itself, and one for the URL (which is a file)