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Initial content input formatted as address: ZIP Code

In my database I have a value (type address) in which I stored a zip code. In a text field I have no problem extracting just the zip code from this address type, but when I want to do the same thing in an input field, it doesn´t extract just the zipcode but also displays the neighbourhood, city, state etc.

Anything I´m missing here? I need the initial value of the input for an editable form.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Timon :slight_smile: I think this happens automatically for the input and search box elements. One workaround I can think of is to have one input that is text with the initial content being the zip code, and a separate input whose type is address (not visible to the User, that can be anywhere on the page and much smaller than I have it below so it doesn’t interfere with responsive).

In preview mode it will look like this to the User:

And the workflow will save the value of the Address Input (the full address associated with the zip code entered in text input). For example:

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Sorry for the late reply but this is great, nice work around!


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