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Triggering work flows from data (zip code) validation

Hello! I’m trying to have different work flows trigger when a user inputted zip code is referenced against pre-loaded data. If a user enters a zip code that matches a value in my database, I want the page to advance once they press submit. If the zip code does not match my database, I want a piece of text to pop up after they press submit.

I have loaded my valid zip codes in the data section. Where I am stumped is with writing the conditional “only when” statement on the work flow for the button. I am starting with, "Search for Accepted Zip Codes [my data file] contains Input Type your zip code’s value… but I am getting an error.

Any help would be greatly appreciate! Thank you!

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Sounds like it could be a compatibility issue. What is the input’s content type and what is the field type that is storing the zip code?

Thanks for the quick reply! I have my input as text (numbers only) and the zip codes in the database are numbers.

have you tried the input as decimal? ive actually seen lost of funny little things happen when using text numbers only.

Your input needs to be a number type. I believe Text (numbers only) is still considered a text format.

I made that change but am still getting two errors:

Should be “Search for Accepted Zip Codes [number field] contains Input Type your zip code’s value”

  1. You need to specify the number field you’re searching inside your Accepted Zip Code thing
  2. When you use “:formatted as”, it converts numbers to text format, so leave that out.

Cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of the help! Thank you!!!

Unfortunately still not working. I have been specifying the “zip code field” and removed the formatted as. Any other ideas?

Do you have a link - it’ll probably be easier to double check your structure.

You don’t need to add a constraint to the search. I meant the field needs to be in the expression: “Search for Accepted Zip Codes’s Zip Code contains Input Type your zip code’s value”


Ah!! I think that worked!! Thank you so much… still learning, clearly.

Really appreciate the good support. I just subscribed to your website!

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Anytime! Glad you can move forward now. And thank you :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks for this. I struggled with this for the last 24 hours and finally figured out. Just a warning to a future me out there: the devil is in the details. When Romanmg says

I was getting stuck trying fill in the part 's Zip Code on the 2nd window (the search the database window). That action should be done on that first pop-up window.

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