Initialize first API Call Fails


I’m attempting to write my first API call in a plugin. I’ve been able to get the authentication mechanism to work fine, but when I attempt to initialize the first call that I’m defining I get a session expired or invalid error message. This is after I have “Reauthenticated” in the top call. I was assuming that the initial authentication headers are being kept and included (session id, refresh token…etc) in my next call. I don’t seem to have a way to visualize that data to even be able to tell.

I’d love any advise / guidance here.

Maybe you can share your setting in API Connector?

Is it one of those APIs that uses a time-dependent token for authentication? That’s a little tricky to initialize on Bubble via the API Connector.
Could you share the API documentation and your API Connector settings?

This is for the API.
Below is the documentation that I’m following: