How to add a tool bar just like the one in this message box?


I am building out a forum app not so different from Bubble’s and I want to add this same tool bar (from the Create Topic pop-up form) for users in my app’s feature for creating new posts.

For creating posts, the UI is a group and then inside, an input field for title; dropdown for the category and multiline input for the body. I would love to have this toolbar in the UI for the users to use. Any guidance would be very much appreciated.



Hey Oliver, sounds like you need to test drive the new RTE from bubble.

Thanks! Will do

BTW - are there docs for this plug in anywhere? Just trying to figure it out. thanks!

Try this thread as there may be helpers and snippets in there: Plugin Announcement: Rich Text Editor

Perfect! Just what I was looking for. thanks!

Hi James,

So far, the plug in does what I need (edit/format text and upload/resize images) but a few instances where the post contains several pictures, some of the pictures do not render. Instead I get “[img>” where the image should be. Do you know why this would occur?



Hmmm this could be a bug mate, I would report it to the author (Bubble). In the meantime… if this happens only after a certain number of uploads, I would restrict upload to that number (count).