🎉 [Innovatee Plugin] ClickUp (Premium)

ClickUp (Premium)

With this plugin, you could manage your ClickUp from just your app if you wanted to. It can do every action you can do in the application itself. For example, create tasks right from your application’s feedback form.

  • Install plugin
  • In ClickUp app click on your workspace icon (left-bottom).
  • Click on ClickApps.
  • Scroll down and click on Apps (in My apps section).
  • Copy API Token.
  • Put API Token into the plugin.

We know we can’t make great plugins without your feedback. Please let us know your feedback at this thread.

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130+ API calls for many Use Cases

  • Application error monitoring
  • Create tasks directly from your app
  • User synchronization
  • Wishlist
  • Feedback
  • etc.


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