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Input animation (custom CCS)

Hi Bubble forum,

I am looking for a freelancer who could do a quick job by helping with animating the input module. I would like the label text to move up so there is space to write content in the input, just like the animation of the UI design in the link below:

I am familiar with the zeroqode plug in for this but this plug in has some limitations.

Would anyone be up for the job?


Seems like that’s doable in pure Bubble. No plugin should be needed. Perhaps someone will put something together for you. I might give it a go (but it won’t be today). I’d implement it as a reusable element.


Hi Steve,

That would very generous of your if you could share the results, if you have time for it, I look forward to the results, happy to give a tip for it if you allow of course!


Like this?


If so, dm me. It’s in pure Bubble, but it’s a hassle and can only be done with some elements (“value”).

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I would also be interested in this.

Just with a top border animation, you can get exactly what’s in the video you shared. I honestly expected it to be harder. Bubble is boss :wink:

and in action:

Thanks for the tip @gm.rogierthe!

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@duke.severn It’s nice to see how other people solve a problem. I just did a quick test myself yesterday, same results, using vertical padding. I would have never thought of top border. Cool.

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