Input being cleared when working with Repeating group

Hi, i need help while working with RG.
I have a RG, inside is an input and an icon X (both insde a Group)
The idea is, when ever clicking on button add row (the green one), 1 more group (input and X) is created. And when click on icon X, that group is hiding.

  • Heres is my workflow when click on Add row
  • Here is workflow when click on X icon
  • Here is the the RG

But when i review it, if i have 3 rows, when i click X on 2nd row, it also cleared the 3rd row input like this

Maybe im wrong at some point, please guide me, thanks.

No you are not wrong at any point, that how RG works, I faced the exact behavior and I had to use a complex approach to solve it, it can be said that when you delete a cell the RG delete all the following cells then reproduce them.

So you should not use :minus item, instead you may just hide the cell’s group (with collapsing it). To get the inputs values use a plugin called “Current Cell Action · BEP”, make the condition include getting values only from visible inputs.
“Orchestra” also can be used for this but it add another level of complexity.

Also you may need other custom states and workflows to manage the difference between the value of index custom state and the number of the visible cells.

I know that the explanation I provided is not clear enough, but this is more complex than what can be explained in writing.

thank you for your reply. I was do that before i wrote this, but it wont collapse when i click button X althought i checked on that option, i dont know why …

I think that because of the settings of the RG, if you use fixed number of rows then you shouldn’t, it maybe useful if you share some screenshots for the property editors of the RG. In general you have to play around RG settings.

turn out i set fix min height row in RG, thank you so much

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