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Can some please help me to change input date format to dd/mm/yyyy from mm/dd/yyyy

I am using input for date

But when from the front end I type the date the system ask for month first but I would like to formate this as dd/mm/yyyy

Please help

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Can some please help

Is this even possible to change the formate of the date in input element


Here you can change it. Just use Date/Time picker.

Thanks for the reply

I think you are using date picker but I am using input element - content format Date

Where the user can type their date of birth rather then selecting from the drop-down

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The short answer is no. Apparently, there used to be a format option for dd/mm/yyyy, but it doesn’t exist anymore. I never saw that format before, and I have no idea why it doesn’t exist now.

Thanks @mikeloc

So we will have to use date/time Picker element for the dates

The problem with the date picker element is

It only go back month by month if a user have to type a date 30years ago. Going to that date month by month will take forever

Is there a way in date picker to skip years

Use this setting.

Then use euro date instead of date and you will have dd/mm/yyyy format.

Oh, Euro date is in there… my bad. I thought they had removed that option altogether, but they just renamed it from Date_2 (which was a pretty ridiculous label).

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Thanks @kinga.g @mikeloc

Really appreciate this


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