Typing date as DD/MM/YYYY (or MM/DD/YYYY)

I’m trying to reproduce functionality in a text field where as the user types numbers and it automatically formats and jumps the cursor after each slash, or even better converts 07 to July…

Currently using a date picker but it’s not very elegant experience when picking dates far away from the current date (requires lots more clicks/navigation)

I’m currently using Air Date plugin, from what I can see the functionality isn’t available with it…

Happy to purchase a new plugin if anyone can recommend…


Have you tried the input element with content format date?

Ah… Sometimes the most obvious of answers are staring you right in the face…

Question on format, I’ve put my placeholder text as:

But the input takes text as:

Everything works, but it’s quite strange to see a date seperated by decimals… Is there any way I can get the input to format like my placeholder (dd / mm / yyyy)?

Have you tried bothdate and euro date to see if they fit your use case?

Yeh, swapping from date (mm.dd.yyyy) to eurodate (dd.mm.yyyy) has allowed me to get the day/month in the right order,

But I can’t seem to see any options to customise the seperator from a ‘.’ to a ’ / ’

Do you know how I can change the seperator?

Are you overriding some CSS or something? The date input does not use “.” as the separator.

I visualize one with / separator, the other with . separator. I wonder if it’s a matter of combination of locale and browser

Yeah good point, some locales use dots as separators but last time I checked vanilla Bubble date input was chauvinistic and doesn’t use browser locale. But :man_shrugging:.

Nope I’m using standard bubble input with type date.

Google Chrome, Mac OS, Australia.

Same happens on my iPhone in Safari:

Is it a bubble app setting somewhere?

Send us the URL to this page, eh?

Private messaged

Welp, you’re not fibbing, but I don’t know how you managed to do this. What’s your input element setup look like?

It’s always looked like this for me Keith.
But in in US and often use the US and not Euro.
When I want more control I use a mask input plugin.

Could you go a bit more into how you have implemented? (with any screenshots)

Sorry, went into the mountains w no reception…

Input setup:

Had a hunt around settings, couldn’t find anything about dates/times and delimeters… :frowning:

Bumping this topic - not sure if anyone has any advice on how to fix?

I need an input formatted or something, similar to this plugin which is buggy/deprecated:

Ignore me - this will do:

FYI I had confirmation from bubble, via email, that Euro date format uses ‘.’ as the delimiter.

They’ve said:

“Unfortunately, you are correct that there is currently no way to change how the Euro date is formatted. Since content formatting is meant to define the input data broadly, there isn’t an option to customize the content formatting of the date. However, it certainly would be a nice feature to have for input fields, so I will forward to our engineering team as a feature request for future versions of bubble.”

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