Input element is not firing a value changed event when the value is changed to "empty"

Very simple scenario.

  1. Create an input element
  2. Add a workflow that triggers when “an inputs value has changed”.
  3. Run
  4. Type something. Notice the event is triggered (debug mode with break)
  5. Delete that thing you just typed. Notice that … nothing happens.

am i missing something?

I just experienced this with date pickers. When a date time picker is cleared and closed I wanted to reset a value that I am temporarily storing in a state. Do when input’s value is changed doesn’t fire in this case

Edit: I just found out it was caused by having “This input should not be empty” checked. What this does is it invalidates the value, meaning it can’t be used in any workflow, including those triggered by the value change. If you want to work with empty values yet force the user to fill in the value, you need to find some workaround.


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