Input Element - Loading dynamic initial content

Having some trouble getting the initial content to populate in a text editor plugin. Initially, it works when the element is loaded via:;

After reseting the element / clearing its contents, I am unable to load any initial content: = ""; //this sets the value of the editor to null; //no longer works

The editor itself sits inside a popup, and its job is to load the text from repeating group when the user clicks an “edit” button (e.g. each time the user clicks edit…the plugin element is cleared, and then loaded with new initial content). I’ve tried setting the editor value to properties.initial_content in both initializeState_content and update functions without luck.

Any ideas?

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My best guess without looking at the code in detail is that the editor.value is only being initalized once at creation. Replace that with a let and see what happens.

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Good catch, thanks @AliFarahat I removed out of it’s nested function and assigned it to a global variable. Problem solved :slight_smile:

Do you have any idea why this editor plugin is not initializing Bubble’s reset function (via reset group, reset relevant inputs)? The element is set as an input form, yet the reset workflow actions do not initialize reset() in the plugin’s code. I had to create a custom function clear_editor() to wipe the element’s input contents, and users (i.e. myself) have to access that via the element workflow action menu instead of using the built in ‘reset-relevant inputs’ action.

Did you use the same code in the default reset function? It should work but then again I have a plug-in that needed it own custom function

Both functions are identical, but the reset will not initiate (no luck even when console.log(“test reset”) is the only line of active code). Are you also seeing this issue with a text editor element?

Try adding another bubble element like an input field with the plug-in element and resetting all of them after the workflow creates a thing

I tried that as well without any luck. For some reason, it doesn’t seem to register the element as an input.

Ya, I remember that i had to add my own action for a plugin.

I’m asuming Bubble is just defining a class for input form elements and adding an event listener for reset from that class. I wonder why it’s not working.

Never really have it much thought. It should word as your defining your own reset code. It works fine when you create your own action