Dropdown will not change

I have a dropdown that successfully loads and displays dynamic choices.

However, when I change the selection, the dropdown still displays the original value.

Any thoughts?

Hi there, @gaharrington… can you clarify what you mean by the dropdown won’t change? Are you saying the dropdown has a default value and if you select something else from the dropdown, the new selection doesn’t appear? Do you have any workflows running when the dropdown’s value is changed?


@mikeloc Yes, that description is correct.

There are no workflows triggered when the value is changed.

What is the conditional on the dropdown?

The conditional hides the dropdown if the user is international:

Well, that’s all I’ve got without being able to look under the hood. Just for the heck of it, maybe try removing the default value and see if you can change the dropdown.

When I remove the Default Value, the user still can not set the value.

If you want to share a link to your editor (privately), I’d be happy to give it a second set of eyes.

Thanks @mikeloc. That’s very generous!

Before we do that…

I rebuilt the dropdown step-by-step.

The piece that (re)causes the issue is highlighted:

NOTE: I have this setup this way to manage U.S. and International customers response with the same workflow. (The International customer gets an Input field instead of DropDown.) The Group containing both inputs combines their values conditionally.)

So, is this a bug in Bubble, or do I misunderstanding something about this Data Source entry and its side effects?

One more update.

I moved the conditional state logic from the Group (“COL | State”) into the Workflow.

My app works now.

I am still interested in any thoughts…so that I can learn from this.

And/or, is this a Bubble bug?

I honestly don’t understand what you were doing there (maybe Adam does, though… not to put him on the spot, but I see him typing), but I’m guessing it is not a bug.

I think this is a long-standing bug, actually…

For some reason if you set a group’s data source to be the value of a dropdown within it, the dropdown simply won’t work.

It’s been that way as long as I’ve been using bubble (getting on for 5 years)…

I can’t think why it would be intended behaviour, so I’m pretty sure it’s a bug. But as it hasn’t been fixed in 5 years, I’m not sure it’s likely to get fixed any time soon.

A simple workaround is just to move the dropdown outside of the group - or don’t use the parent group to store the value, but some other group (assuming you need to do that at all).

Having said all that, in your specific case, as there’s nothing but the dropdown inside the parent group, I don’t really see what the point of having the data source on the group was in the first place? You can just refer directly to the dropdown’s value - having the data source on the parent group isn’t achieving anything (and as you’ve seen, it doesn’t work anyway).

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@mikeloc & @adamhholmes

Thank you both for the help and details!

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I have also reproduced this issue with an Input element.

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