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Hello, I’m new to Bubble. I’ve been messing around with workflow and watching videos to see if I could get some leads on my questions but to no avail. Here’s my use case:

Ideas on how to create a workflow in order to populate the input fields of Search 1 and Search 2 with text from input 1 at the top and only after clicking on the Populate All button? I’ve figured out how to clear all data with a simple workflow for the “clear all” button. Much appreciated!

1 - Create a custom state in any element on the page, with any name. Let’s say that the custom state is in the “button1” and the name is “text1”

2 - In the inputs you want to populate, put the initial content value as " button1’text1 value

3 - In the “populate all” Button, the workflow is going to be: set state of an element >button1 text 1. Value= input1value

This is going to work, but if you need any help implementing it, just let me know!

Thank you so much Yanevangelista for the quick reply. I’ll give that a try right now!

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That worked! thank you so much…it messed with my clear all button workflow now which I’ll try to figure out. Your help was greatly appreciated.

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you are welcome bro!

btw, can you check my comment as the solution? it will help to boost my profile here hahaha

sorry man, I thought I did…of course

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