Help needed.. with reseting custom states

Hi bubble experts,

I have set up a simple custom state workflow, when button 1 is pressed, group A will be visible and group B disappears while if button 2 is pressed, group B will be visible and group A disappears. Would it be possible to reset the input data within each group when another button is pressed? For instance, when button 2 is pressed, group B is visible while simultaneously group A’s input values are reset to default, vice versa. I have tried to use the “reset data” to reset the group but it does not seem to work, which I believe it’s due to the custom state already set. Any experts able to advice me on this? Thanks!

You just need to set state and leave the value empty. However, you should just use one state to manage both button instead of two state


Thanks for the reply, I’m not very good with how the custom states work. Are you able to elaborate more on the workflow or the conditions I would need to be inputting? Thank you!

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