Manual Date/Time entry

Can anyone suggest a plugin or alternate way to enter date/time where the user can manually type into an input box which is then validated?

Default Date/Time picker only allows selection from dropdowns.

What’s wrong with the standard Bubble input element? (or do you need time as well as date)?

The date picker is fine, but i want to allow users to enter the time themselves using their keyboard - The standard input element only allows time as dropdown.

I’m talking about the regular Bubble Input element (not a date/time picker)…

…but it’s no good for time, if that’s what you need.

Ah right, yeah need it for time the input element is date only. Had a play around with standard inputs too, but couldn’t see an obvious way to convert the input into a value the date type would accept.

Yeah, as I said the standard input element only has a Date option - there is no option for time.

But it shouldn’t be too hard to create your own ‘time’ input element.

Yeah, the standard one only has date input not time.