[NEW PLUGIN] - Date & Time Picker Deluxe

Hello everyone :wave:t2:,
Today we’re introducing a new plugin - Date & Time Picker Deluxe

This plugin is a versatile and user-friendly plugin designed to seamlessly integrate into your applications, providing an intuitive solution for selecting dates and times. This plugin offers a feature-rich experience for both developers and end-users.

Enjoy the ONLY working and beautiful time picker in Bubble! This is particularly useful for applications that require an hour input (like opening times 9am - 5pm).

Some plugin features:

  • Time Input
  • Date Range and Multiple Dates Selected
  • Bubble Events on change, on close and on open
  • Instance Methods: Clear, Set, Get
  • Fully Exposed States
  • Fully Responsive

And many more!

For a demo please visit: Demo
For the bubble editor please visit: Editor

Please reply to this with any inquiries you may have!


Nice job @segongora9

Bookmarked! :smiley: